Esoterik: Jurnal Akhlak dan Tasawuf

SSN 2460-7576 (print) | EISSN 22502-8847 (online)

Esoterik: Jurnal Akhlak dan Tasawuf is academic journal published by Prodi Tasawuf dan Psikoterapi, Fakultas Ushuluddin, Institut Agama Islam Negeri Kudus collaborated with Konsorsium Tasawuf dan Psikoterapi Indonesia (Kotaterapi). Esoterik: Jurnal Akhlak dan Tasawuf publish two times a year (each June and December). The focus of his study are Tasawuf, Sufism, Thariqah, Islamic Psychology, Islamic Psychotherapy, Spirituality, Mystical Experiences. Esoterik journal is open to lecturers, students and researchers who are interested in the above studies (view Focus and Scope).

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